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Jakub Moravek


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Video projection

Jakub Moravek, born in 1971, was raised in the Czech Republic, the socialist CSSR at that time. In the early 90s he emigrated to Germany and studied visual arts there. He was part of the generation that grew up behind the Iron Curtain, and for whom the German-Czech border was practically impassable. The border was a concrete symbol for the division of the world into east and west and the associated restrictions and control mechanisms of the system.

For the first time since his emigration, with »TRANSIT« Jakub Moravek exhibits a work in his hometown of Prague. The video installation »TRANSIT« created for SPACE CAMP four days before the opening of the exhibition shows the artist being transported illegally in the boot of a car to the Czech Republic, across the German-Czech border. This apparently senseless and risky action, seeming almost absurd in a unified Europe, reflects the artist’s personal fate and that of his generation. The video installation reflects both the arbitrariness and randomness of political and social systems.

Translation: Martina Walsh

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